The Issue into Circulation of Commemorative Coins “The Abkhazian Hundred” and “Nestor Lakoba”

18-11-2018 13:09

The National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia announces the issue into circulation of
commemorative coins “The Abkhazian Hundred” and “Nestor Lakoba”.

1. The commemorative coin “The Abkhazian Hundred” is dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the end of the First Patriotic War and to the warriors from Abkhazia who fought in the Abkhazian hundred of the Circassian regiment.

The coin is made of 925 silver, the diameter of the coin is 60 mm, weight 155.5 g., proof-like quality, denomination - 100 apsars. The side surface of the coins is corrugated.

The commemorative coin is not part of any series.

Catalog number 010010100-003. Circulation - 100 pcs.

Artist: Batal Dzhapua

The coin’s description

Obverse. On the obverse of the coin, a warrior’s torso is depicted. The warrior is wearing a Circassian coat (cherkeska) on which a sabre handle with a St. George’s sword knot (St. George’s weapon for bravery) can be seen. There is also a badge of the Order of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir of the 4th degree with swords and a bow which is made by colour pad printing.
Reverse. On the reverse side of the coin, in the foreground, an Abkhazian horseman charging into battle with an unsheathed sabre is depicted. In the background, there is a cavalry imposed on the image of an eagle with outstretched wings that symbolises the bravery of Caucasian warriors. The composition is completed by a coloured St. George’s ribbon which is a symbol of heroism in the Russian army.

2. The commemorative coin “Nestor Lakoba” is made of 925 silver, the diameter of the coin is 39 mm, the weight is 34 g, quality - proof-like, denomination - 10 apsars.

The side surface of the coins is corrugated.

Finishing: laser engraving. Series: “Outstanding personalities of Abkhazia”.

Catalogue number 0110010-011. Circulation - 300 pcs.

Artist: Batal Dzhapua.

The coin’s description

Obverse. In the upper central part, on the smooth field, there is a relief image of the emblem of the Bank of Abkhazia with an inscription in the Abkhazian language “Apsny Abank” underneath it. Above the emblem in a semi-circle, there are inscriptions which define the coin’s denomination – 10 apsars. In the right half, there is a trademark and a nameplate of the mint. In the lower part of the coin, on the matte field, the year of mintage is indicated – 2018.
Reverse. On the reverse side of the coin, there is a portrait of an outstanding statesman of Abkhazia Nestor Lakoba wearing a military jacket and an astrakhan hat (papakha) with the Order of the Red Banner on his chest. In the background, there are images of the state flag of the Socialist Soviet Republic of Abkhazia and the Abkhazian equestrian militia Kiaraz.


The sale of commemorative coins of the Bank of Abkhazia made of precious metals to legal entities and individuals is carried out by the credit institutions of the Republic of Abkhazia.