The Issue of a Commemorative Coin “Aiaaira 25”

18-09-2018 13:30

The National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia announces the issue of a commemorative investment coin “Aiaaira 25” which is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Victory in the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia.

The commemorative coin “Aiaaira 25” is made of 925 silver and 999 gold, the diameter of the coin is 60 mm, weight – 155.5 gr, proof-like quality, denomination - 100 apsars. The lateral surface of the coins is corrugated. The coin belongs to the series “The Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia of 1992-1993”.

Catalogue number 0260100-006. Mintage - 250 pcs.

The description of the coin

Obverse. On the obverse side of the coin, there is a map of Abkhazia that consists of relief images symbolising the nation that fights for its independence. In the central part on the mirror field, there is a gilded image of the state emblem of the Republic of Abkhazia and the coin’s denomination “100 apsars” in the Abkhazian language. In the lower part, there is an inscription in the Abkhazian language “Apsny Abank”. In the upper part, the coin’s mintage year is indicated – 2018.
Reverse. On the reverse side of the coin, an Abkhazian warrior is depicted swearing an oath before the state flag of Abkhazia. On the right, there is a gilded number 25 that symbolises the 25th anniversary of Victory. In the lower part, there is an inscription “Aiaaira”. 

Artist: Timur Kaitan.

The selling of commemorative coins of the Bank of Abkhazia made of precious metals to legal entities and individuals is carried out by the credit institutions of the Republic of Abkhazia.