Банк Абхазии

The Bank of Abkhazia Departments


Security Department deals with security issues of the banking activities

Credit Institutions Control Department supervises the activities of commercial banks.

Accounting and Reporting Department keeps records of the Bank of Abkhazia operations, systematizes the financial accountability.

  • Calculation Sector exercises the cash service activities of the Bank clients.
  • Cash Operations Sector exercises direct service activities of the Bank clients and keeps monies.

Economic Department pursues the monetary policy of the Bank of Abkhazia.

Informatisation Department exercises software support of the banking activities and introduces modern techniques.

Encashment Department convoys and delivers cash assets and other values.

General Service Department carries out interior issues of the banking activities.

Office deals with office work issues.

Research, information and statistics Department conducts economic research and collects statistical data.

  The Bank of Abkhazia Units


Financial Monitoring Service implements measures to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism;

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