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On May 6, 2009 the Bank of Abkhazia issues a silver coin “Фазиль Искандер” (Fazil Iskander) of 10 apsars denomination of the series "Outstanding Personalities of Abkhazia" dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the birth of F.A.Iskander.

The silver coin “Fazil Iskander” of 10 apsars denomination of the series "Outstanding Personalities of Abkhazia"  (fine precious metal content 31,1 g, fineness 925, catalogue number 0110010-002, diameter 39,0 mm).

The rim is raised on both sides of the coin.

The obverse: in the upper central part of the coin, on the smooth field - the relief picture of the State Emblem of the Republic of Abkhazia, under it - the inscription in Abkhaz “Аҧсны Абанк”(The Bank of Abkhazia). The semicircular inscriptions above the State Emblem indicate the denomination of the coin “10 ҦСАРК” (10 APSARS). Along the rim to the left - the indication of the metal sign in accordance with the D.I.Mendeleyev Periodic System of Elements, to the right - the fineness, the mint trade mark. In the lower part of the coin, on the matted field and raised small print inscriptions of five lines “Аҧсны Абанк” - the year of mintage "2009"


The obverse


The reverse:  the composition divided vertically into two equal parts by the inscription “Fazil Iskander”. In the right part – the profile image of F.A.Iskander, in the left part – the contour of mountain peaks and seashore, grapevine twining around the tree. Along the rim to the right, on the matted field – the inscription “80 шықәса”.


The reverse


The edge of the coin is corrugated.

The quality of the coin is proof-like.

The artist: Japua B.R.

Mintage: 1000 pcs.


The coin is a legal tender of the Republic of Abkhazia at par value equivalent to Russian rubles. 1 apsar is equal to 10 rubles of the Russian Federation.

The credit institutions of the Republic of Abkhazia distribute the Bank of Abkhazia commemorative coins of precious metals to legal entities and private individuals

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