The Commemorative Coins of Abkhazia


The gold coin of 50 apsars denomination dedicated to the 15th Anniversary of the Victory featuring the figure of the warrior keeping the flag.

  • Каталожный номер0220050-001
  • Дата выпуска02.09.2013
Номинал Качество Металл, проба Кольцо/диск Масса общая, г. Содержание чистого металла не менее, г. Диаметр, мм Толщина, мм Тираж, шт.
50 apsars proof-like Silver 925 15,72±0,15 15,55 30,0 1,7±0,2 до 1000


in the upper central part of the coin, on the smooth field – the relief picture of the state emblem of the Republic of Abkhazia. Under the emblem – the inscription in Abkhaz “Аҧсны Абанк”(The Bank of Abkhazia), above it – the semicircular inscription that indicate the denomination of the coin “50 ҦСАРК” (50 APSARS). Along the rim to the left - the indication of the metal sign in accordance with the D.I.Mendeleyev Periodic System of Elements, to the right - the fineness and the mint trade mark. In the lower part of the coin on the matted field and raised small print inscriptions in five lines “Аҧсны Абанк” - the year of mintage "2008"


on the matted field – the prominent contour figure of the warrior keeping the flag flying. Along the rim above the figure of the warrior with the flag - the inscriptions «АИААИРА»(VICTORY) and the dates «1992» and «1993» divided by dots. All inscriptions and the figure of the warrior are smooth surfaced.

The rim is raised on both sides of the coin.

The edge of the coin is corrugated. 

The artist: Japua B.R., Erokhin B.M.

Mintage: The Moscow Mint(ММД)