APRA card holders have access to online transfers from international cards to APRA cards

08-11-2019 15:17

The work aimed at integrating the national payment system APRA and the money transfer system CONTACT was completed, the result of which was the implementation of the service for filling in APRA bank cards through the international network CONTACT.

For APRA cardholders, a service was launched to transfer funds from international cards to APRA cards through the “Online CONTACT transfers” service (link: https://online.contact-sys.com). Transfers are carried out both in Russian rubles and in foreign currency, unless restrictions are set by the issuer of the sender card with subsequent conversion and crediting to APRA cards in the official currency of the Republic of Abkhazia.

The fee for replenishing APRA cards through the CONTACT system is 1% of the replenishment amount, funds are credited to the card instantly.

In addition, anyone can instantly replenish both their APRA card and a third party card at all CONTACT service points in Abkhazia, Russia and other countries that are part of the CONTACT coverage area. For the transfer, it is enough to indicate the number located on the front side of the bank card and name.

This service will simplify the process of receiving money transfers for APRA cardholders, since now the transfer can be sent directly to the card.

CONTACT is a Russian payment system that allows transfers to be made worldwide. CONTACT partners are more than 1000 financial institutions. The international CONTACT network includes over 500 thousand service points - bank branches, payment terminals, offices of bank payment agents in more than 180 countries.