The Commemorative Coins of Abkhazia

Hero-town Tkuarchal

The silver coin of 10 apsars denomination «Hero-town Tkuarchal» Of the series «The Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia 1992-1993»

  • Каталожный номер0260010-003
  • Дата выпуска24.06.2013
Номинал Качество Металл, проба Кольцо/диск Масса общая, г. Содержание чистого металла не менее, г. Диаметр, мм Толщина, мм Тираж, шт.
10 apsars proof-like Antiproof Silver 925, Gold 999 33,94±0,31 31,1 39,0 3,3±0,35 499


In the upper central part in the mirror field there is a relief image of the Emblem of the Bank of Abkhazia, under it - the inscription in the Abkhaz language «Апсны Абанк», over the Emblem - the semicircular inscription indicating the coin denomination of 10 apsars, on the right - the Mint trade mark with the indication of the metal according to D. I. Mendeleev Periodic System of Elements and the fineness. In the lower part in the matted field and on the relief small print inscriptions in five lines «Апсны Абанк» the year of issue «2013» is indicated


On the reverse of the coin “Hero-town Tkuarchal” in the upper part in the mirror field in the foreground of the mountain Khodzhal on the right there is a medal “Hero of Abkhazia” image and on the left there is a power pylon, one of the symbols of energy workers’town. In the central part the inscriptions in the Abkhaz language “Акалакь-афырхаца Ткуарчал” and the names of the town districts Akarmara, Dzhantou and Kuazan are indicated. In the lower part of the coin on the wide decorative line there is the Emblem of the town image and the year of foundation 1942. A dotted framework is circled along the circumference. The images of the medal and the Emblem are made in colour by pad printing and selected gold-plating

The edge of the coin is corrugared.

The coin is made with “prooflike”quality

The artist: Dzhapua B. R.

The coin mintage 499

Struck in St.Petersburg mint of Goznak (RF)