NPA APRA celebrated the most active in 2020 APRA bank card holders

25-12-2020 19:15

On December 23, 2020 NPS APRA encouraged the most active holders of APRA bank cards.

Commemorative sets of coins of the Bank of Abkhazia were awarded to Alias Nakopiya and Alvina Vage for the most active use of APRA "World" cards outside Abkhazia, and Astana Ashuba - on the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia.

In 2020, there was a significant increase in the activity of using APRA bank cards for non-cash transactions. Citizens of Abkhazia made payments with APRA cards in the amount of 250 million rubles, which is more than double the figures for the previous year (120 million rubles).

This year, residents of Abkhazia increasingly more used APRA cards outside the country. The total volume of transactions in 2020 with APRA cards abroad exceeded 40 million rubles.

At the moment, the terminal network of NPS APRA has more than 2,500 thousand devices for withdrawing cash and paying in trade and service enterprises of the republic.