Publication in the magazine "Golden Chervonets" No. 2 (55) 2021

14-10-2022 17:00

The numismatic edition "Golden Chervonets" No. 2 (55) 2021 published an article dedicated to the opening of the Museum of the Bank of Abkhazia. The article describes in detail the tasks of the museum in collecting, storing, studying and exhibiting banknotes that have been circulating on the territory of Abkhazia for 2500 years. A description of individual exhibits of the collection is given, both from the departments of antiquity and the Middle Ages, and the modern collection of commemorative coins - apsars.

The article is illustrated with photographs depicting the museum.

In addition, on the second page of the cover of the magazine there are sets of commemorative coins made of non-precious metals "Fauna of Abkhazia" and "Flora of Abkhazia".

Photo pages of the magazine:

Link to the electronic version is here