Publication in the magazine "Golden Chervonets"

16-02-2023 14:00

The largest numismatic publication in Russia "Golden Chervonets" No. 4 (61) 2022 devoted six pages of its latest issue to the coins of the Bank of Abkhazia.

An article devoted to the coins of the Bank of Abkhazia has been published under the heading "Coins of the World". It consists of such sections as "Coins of Abkhazia: traditions and modern approach", which describes in detail the history of monetary circulation in the territory of Abkhazia. The section "Outstanding personalities of Abkhazia: classics and modern technologies" is dedicated to the coins "Heroes of Iskander", minted in the "piedfort" format. A description of all the coins of the series is given with a detailed description of the technology and process of minting, as well as an interview with the author of the coins, the artist Adgur Dzidzaria. Special attention is paid to the series “Clothes and weapons of the peoples of the Caucasus”, the original form and national color of the coins of the series are emphasized. And in conclusion, it is told about the series of coins "Sights of the Republic of Abkhazia", made using the new "plamet" technology.

Photo pages of the magazine:

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