The Coins of the Bank of Abkhazia in the KRAUSE Catalogue

12-11-2018 13:02

For the first time in history, the coins of the Bank of Abkhazia have been published in the Standard Catalog of World Coins of the American publishing house Krause Publications.

The oldest numismatic catalogue Krause is published annually from 1952 in the USA. It contains full information about the coins of all of the world’s countries. In the Standard Catalog of World Coins for 2019 in which coins that were issued since 2001 to present day have been published, the coins of the Bank of Abkhazia are presented on the first pages of the catalogue. Apart from the information about the issuing activity of the Bank of Abkhazia, the catalogue presents the information about the history and culture of the state, including the information about the monetary circulation history on the territory of ancient Abkhazia. Also, the stages of the establishment of the Abkhazian statehood are described, and the map of modern Abkhazia is presented.

An electronic version of the catalogue can be downloaded here.

The photos of the catalogue’s pages: