The national payment system “APRA” started to accept bank cards of the Russian payment system “Mir”

28-06-2019 11:45

As part of the intersystem integration project of the national payment systems of Abkhazia “APRA” and Russia “Mir”, the acceptance of Russian “Mir” cards was implemented on the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia. At the moment, all banks, members of the “APRA” National Payment System, are connected to the intersystem interaction and accept “Mir”  cards in their terminal network. “Mir” cardholders have access to cash withdrawals at ATMs and bank cash desks, as well as payment transactions for goods and services at POS terminals installed at retail outlets in the Republic.

The next stage will be the servicing of APRA cards on the territory of presence of the Russian national payment system “Mir”.

July 11, 2018 between the national payment systems of Abkhazia and Russia, an agreement was signed on the interaction of payment systems, with the aim of organizing the mutual service of bank cards.