The turnover of transactions carried out with russian cards in September 2020 exceeded 1 billion rubles

06-10-2020 17:45

In September 2020, holders of cards  issued by russian banks in the payment infrastructure of APRA performed transactions worth RUB 1.004 billion, which exceeded the same indicator in 2019 by 47.4%. At the same time, the maximum volume of transactions in the reporting month amounted to 48.2 million rubles in a day.

Compared to the same period in 2019, in September of this year, the structure of transactions made by Russian cardholders has changed. The share of transactions for payment for goods and services with bank cards accounted for 60.1% (603.9 million rubles), while operations for withdrawing cash from bank cards - 39.9% (400.5 million rubles. ) In the same period of 2019, cash withdrawal operations prevailed in the structure of completed transactions - 54.0%.

As of October 1, 2020, APRA registered 2,503 pos-terminal devices designed to accept bank cards in trade and service enterprises of the republic.