The turnover of transactions on APRA for 2022 amounted to 30.2 billion rubles

30-01-2023 11:45

The volume of transactions made through the payment infrastructure of the national payment system APRA for 2022 increased by 19.0%, or 4.9 billion rubles, compared to the same period last year. Bank card holders in Abkhazia carried out transactions totaling 30.2 billion rubles. In the structure of completed transactions, APRA cards accounted for 45.0%, MPS cards - 33.0%, Mir payment system cards - 22.0%.

Transactional activity with Russian Mir cards at NPS APRA is growing dynamically: in 2022, transactions with Mir cards amounted to 6.7 billion rubles, a year earlier this figure was 2.9 billion rubles.

Holders of bank cards in the territory of Abkhazia began to pay more actively for goods, works and services, as evidenced by the growth in the indicator of non-cash transactions. At the end of 2022, the volume of non-cash transactions for paying for goods and services with bank cards increased by 38.0% and amounted to RUB 9.4 billion. The total amount of 5.7 billion rubles was paid with MPS cards in trade and service enterprises of the republic, the volume of non-cash transactions of Mir card holders amounted to 3.1 billion rubles. The volume of non-cash transactions carried out with APRA cards increased by 43.3% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 621.4 million rubles. On average, APRA cardholders make purchases totaling RUB 1.7 million daily.

The volume of transfers through the “Contact” money transfer system to APRA cards in 2022 increased by 2.8 million rubles and amounted to 29.8 million rubles. The volume of cross-border transfers (P2P) from Mir cards to World APRA cards in the reporting year amounted to 143.4 million rubles. (15 million rubles in 2021).

During this period, work was continued to expand the infrastructure for accepting bank cards. NPS APRA member banks installed 645 POS-terminal devices in trade and service enterprises of the republic, 40 ATMs. As of January 1, 2023, bank card holders in Abkhazia are served by an infrastructure consisting of 3,954 devices, including 168 ATMs, 3,659 POS terminals and 130 PVN terminals.