Банк Абхазии
On February 15, 2012 the Bank of Abkhazia issues silver commemorative coins with selective gilding "Драндский успенский собор" (The Dormition Cathedral of Dranda), "Пицундский собор Св. Андрея Первозванного", (The Cathedral of St. Andrew, the "First-called" Apostle, in Pitsunda) "Лыхненский успенский храм" (The Dormition Cathedral of Lykhny), "Мыкуский успенский собор" (The Dormition Cathedral of Myku), "Ново-Афонский храм Св. Симона Кананита" (The New Afon Cathedral of St. Simon Zelotes, Apostle), "Бедийский собор Св. Марии-богородицы" (The Bedia Cathedral of the Holy Mary, the Mother of God), "Елырский храм Св. Георгия" (The Cathedral of St. George in Elyr) of 10 apsars denomination of the series "Historical Sites of Abkhazia".
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