The Donation of a Commemorative Coin of the Bank of Abkhazia to the Nestor Lakoba Museum ▼

07-02-2019 09:12

In connection with the introduction into circulation of a commemorative coin “Nestor Lakoba”, the National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia has made a decision to donate one commemorative coin to the State institution “The N.A. Lakoba Historical and Memorial Museum”.


“The Abkhazian Hundred” in a British Magazine “Coin News Magazine” ▼

03-12-2018 11:15

In the biggest British numismatic magazine “Coin News Magazine”, an article has been published about the coin “The Abkhazian Hundred” which is dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the end of the First War World and the soldiers from Abkhazia who fought in the Abkhazian Hundred of the Circassian Regiment of the Caucasian indigenous (“Wild”) division.

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на 01.12.2018

Кредитный портфель Банка Абхазии

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The interest rate on the funds provided by the Bank of Abkhazia

For the reinforcement of correspondent account

12 %

On-call credit line

10 %

Subordinated loan


The small business lending program

For agriculture

6 %

For commercial organizations

18 %

For all other

12 %

The minimum reserve deposits with the Bank

on 01.02.2019

230 576 000 rubles

Mandatory deposit insurance fund

on 01.02.2019

73 229 696 rubles

The required reserve ratios

Before legal entities:

4.5 %

Before natural persons:

4.5 %

In other liabilities:

4.5 %

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