Coins of the Bank of Abkhazia are presented in the collection of the State Historical Museum

15-07-2019 10:52

The National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia donated commemorative silver coins “Abkhazian Hundred”, “Alexander Chachba” and the first commemorative banknote “Vladislav Ardzinba” to the State Historical Museum. For the first time in history, coins issued by the Bank of Abkhazia will be stored in the biggest national historical museum of Russia.

The head of the numismatics department of the State Historical Museum, Kalashnikova Alexandra Vladimirovna thanked the Chairman of the Bank of Abkhazia Baratelia Beslan Vladislavovich and noted that these exhibits will be a worthy addition to the museum's collection.

The State Historical Museum is the largest national historical museum of Russia located on the Red Square of Moscow. It was founded in 1872.

The numismatics department of the State Historical Museum stores over 1.7 million items, Russian coins (over 600 thousand), antique (58 thousand), eastern (138 thousand), western (188 thousand), paper banknotes (471 thousand), commemorative medals domestic (38 thousand) and foreign (21 thousand), orders, award medals and signs Russian and foreign (over 27 thousand), seals, official and official signs (more than 8 thousand). The basis of the collection is the exceptional completeness of the collection of monuments of Russian monetary circulation.