Article in the numismatic magazine “Zolotoy Chervonets” ▼

26-07-2021 17:04

An article dedicated to the opening of the Bank of Abkhazia Museum was published in the numismatic edition "Zolotoy Chervonets" No. 2 (55) 2021. The article describes in detail the tasks of the museum in collecting, storing, studying and exhibiting banknotes circulating on the territory of Abkhazia for 2500 years. The description of individual exhibits of the collection is given, both from the departments of Antiquity and the Middle Ages, and the modern collection of commemorative coins - apsars.


The volume of transactions in the National Payment System (APRA) for the first half of 2021 exceeded 10.5 billion rubles ▼

26-07-2021 15:15

In the first half of 2021, the total volume of transactions carried out in the National Payment System exceeded 10.5 billion rubles. In the structure of transactions, cards of foreign payment systems accounted for 42%, APRA cards - 48%, MIR - 10%.

Exchange rates

Euro €  

Metal prices

Gold AU  
Silver AG  

Индекс цен


Кредитный портфель Банка Абхазии

Общий объем транзакций в НПС АПРА

The interest rate on the funds provided by the Bank of Abkhazia

For the reinforcement of correspondent account

12 %

On-call credit line

10 %

Subordinated loan


Ставка рефинансирования


The minimum reserve deposits with the Bank

on 01.07.2021

263 244 000 rubles

Mandatory deposit insurance fund

on 01.07.2021

101 561 208 rubles

The required reserve ratios

Before legal entities:

4.5 %

Before natural persons:

4.5 %

In other liabilities:

4.5 %

Information on procurement

Under development