Premiere of the film " The history of the circulation of money on the territory of Abkhazia"

31-05-2021 16:20

An official presentation of a popular science film about the history of money circulation in Abkhazia took place at the Museum of the Bank of Abkhazia. The director of the film is Ibrahim Chkadua, the script is written by Astamur Tania.

The film is a chronological description of monetary circulation on the territory of historical Abkhazia, starting from the 6th century BC till the modern period. It provides information on money circulating on the territory of Abkhazia during the periods of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Ottoman and Russian Empires, during the Soviet period. In addition, the film highlights the circulation of money in the independent Republic of Abkhazia and the issuing activities of the Bank of Abkhazia. The film allows you to form a general picture of the circulation of money on the territory of Abkhazia. It is intended to awaken interest in the history of money as an important segment of the past and present and to popularize the numismatics and bonistics of Abkhazia.

You can view the film at the link below: