The coin of the Bank of Abkhazia became a prize-winner of the international coin competition

30-10-2023 11:45

The commemorative coin “New Athos”, issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia, took third place at the XVII international coin competition “Coin Constellation” in the category “Original Technology”.

“Coin Constellation” is the only international coin competition in Russia, which over its long history has become one of the most authoritative in the world. The organizer of the competition is the Water Mark Publishing House.

Among the participants of the “Coin Constellation” in 2023 are 23 participants from 18 countries: ART MINT (France), CIT Coin Invest AG, Liechtenstein, Hungarian Mint, Italian Mint, Downies - Australia, Royal Netherlands Mint, Lithuanian Mint , Mint of Belgium, Federal Mint of Switzerland, Central Bank of the Russian Federation, National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia, Mint of Greece, etc.

The winners are selected by a professional jury consisting of specialists from major museums, auction houses, numismatic societies, commercial banks.

The coins presented in the “ORIGINAL TECHNOLOGY” category were evaluated in terms of quality of execution, the use of special technologies, finishing methods, the use of unusual materials, as well as how the selected technological solutions helped to reveal the theme.

The “New Athos” coin is one of five coins in the “Sights of the Republic of Abkhazia” series. The coin consists of an inner disk made of composite material "Plamet" with a color printed image and an outer metal ring made of aluminum alloy with minting.

The link to the electronic version of the diploma is here.