Issuance of commemorative coins

16-11-2022 16:46

The National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia announces the issue of commemorative coins from non-precious metals "Sights of the Republic of Abkhazia".

The coins consist of an inner disk made of composite material "Plamet" with a color printing image and an outer metal ring made of aluminum alloy with embossing.

Circulation: 25000 pieces
Diameter: 33mm
Product weight: 4 g
Denomination: 1 apsara
Series: "Sights of the Republic of Abkhazia"

Common obverse

1. Commemorative coin "New Athos"

2. Commemorative coin "Ritsa"

3. Commemorative coin "Gagripsh"

4. Commemorative coin "Gagra"

5. Commemorative coin "Pitsunda"

Realization of commemorative coins of the Bank of Abkhazia from precious metals to legal entities and individuals is carried out by credit institutions of the Republic of Abkhazia.