Money transfers of individuals from Abkhazia in 2020 amounted to 5.4 billion rubles

23-02-2021 15:30

In 2020, 5,442.2 million rubles were transferred from the Republic of Abkhazia to the countries of near and far abroad through money transfer systems (Contact, Zolotaya Korona, Unistream), which is 0.6% less than for 2019 year.

In the structure of money transfers from the country, the largest share falls on the share of transfers to the Russian Federation - 4 352.6 million rubles or 80.0%. The volume of transfers to the countries of Central Asia in 2020 amounted to 596.8 million rubles (11.0% of the total), including in Uzbekistan - 450.7 million rubles (8.3%), Tajikistan - 141.3 million rubles (2.6%). Money transfers to Turkey in 2020 amounted to 358.4 million rubles or 4.6% of the total amount of money transfers by individuals without opening an account.

The total volume of money transfers to the Republic of Abkhazia made by individuals through money transfer systems without opening accounts in 2020 amounted to 932.3 million rubles. and increased by 1.2% compared to 2019.

The largest share in the structure of transfers to Abkhazia falls on transfers from the Russian Federation - 856.1 million rubles or 91.8%. The share of transfers from the CIS countries accounts for 41.0 million rubles or 4.4% of the total amount of transfers to the republic in 2020. The total share of transfers from non-CIS countries is 3.8%.

In the structure of payment systems, transfers made through the Contact system prevail, they account for 80.0% of money transfers from Abkhazia, as well as 32.8% of the volume of incoming money transfers. At the same time, the Zolotaya Korona payment system retains its leading positions in transfers to the Republic of Abkhazia - 60.6% of the total amount of incoming transfers.

The average amount of one transfer of an individual sent from Abkhazia in 2020 was 26.1 thousand rubles, while the average amount of an incoming transfer was 21.9 thousand rubles.