The largest banks in Turkey began to serve national APRA cards "World"

21-12-2020 18:45

The national payment system, continuing its work aimed at expanding the geography of accepting national payment cards APRA "World", as well as in the course of cooperation with NSPK JSC, carried out pilot industrial operation of cross-system operations in the Republic of Turkey (hereinafter PIO CO).

Within the framework of the PIO CO, authorization, clearing and settlements for transactions performed in the terminal network of the two largest banks in Turkey - " İş Bank" and "Ziraat Bank" were successfully completed.

Iş Bank's acquiring network numbers about 6,500 ATMs and 400,000 points for accepting bank cards. The terminal network of "Ziraat Bank" is 7,200 ATMs and about 500,000 points that accept bank cards.

Today, APRA "World" cards are accepted on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey.